With the exhibition "Invisible Ways" the White Square Gallery announces the collaboration with the artist Ashley Scott (* 1986 in Chicago).

The young American, who has been working and living in Europe for three years, belongs to the new generation of creatives who see the whole world as their homeland. And just as less as on the map, they accept no boundaries in their art: the genres flow into each other and the inspiration for the work is equally drawn from the sublime as well as from the trivial. Everything is allowed, much is possible. Art pieces must not only be viewed but directly involved in the life of the viewer, even changing it.

As a talented painter and draftswoman, she began her studies of visual art and design at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago in 2004. After her graduation in 2008 she worked as a designer and participated in numerous artistic projects until one day her works were noticed by the Jury of Toyota Creative Lounge in Chicago. And in 2011 she won the coveted and prestigious Artist Residency. The next three years were dedicated to the most intense creative work in Tokyo, Bangkok and Europe. The resulting experience brought new orders and growing trust in her own future as an artist. She lives in Berlin since 2015 and she is enchanted by the bubbling energy of this city that nurtures her enthusiasm for experiments.

Because for Ashley Scott art is a permanent adventure. She is always looking for perfect means to realize her visions: New forms, extravagant colors, unusual materials. She tries everything through, works hard and is seldom satisfied. Yet she is always enthusiastic and full of creativity. Their sculptures reflect their personality. They are radiant, humorous, extravagant. But also filigree and floating. They can tell stories, but they can also lead to contemplation. Whether colorful or transparent, glowing or matte, large or small, her pieces are always able to assert themselves in every space. They are never passive or marginal, but rather apart and stylish. It never takes long time before they are discovered. And then the most exciting part begins: the contemplation, the learning, the communication! This is precisely the goal of the artist. Her artworks reflects her thoughts and her world and she wants to share all that. And it's also good, if a few critical questions creep in. Because criticism calls for knowledge and initiates purification processes.

The purification is also the topic of this exhibition.It is mainly about the formation of the shape. The objects of the exhibition tell and testify at the same time. They illustrate the process, which is initiated by the interplay of colors and materials, but whose path is invisible and whose outcome is completely uncertain. The sculptures of acrylic glass and colors show different steps or burrs of this struggle  for the light, where times the material win, but sometimes the color sets the deciding point. And it is an exquisite pleasure to discover the variety of opportunities and games that make up the inner life of every sculpture and make it glow ... and to explore itself the invisible ways to harmony.

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