Ashley Scott is an American artist born in 1986 in Chicago, IL.
She studied Fine Arts at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago and won an art residence with Toyota in 2011.

During the residence she travelled to Europe and Asia to build art installations and develop concept cars.
In 2014 she moved to Berlin to expand her artistic practice. Since 2016 she is represented by White Square Gallery Berlin.


Ashley Scott’s work deals with the complex histories of identity, oppression and liberation.

The artist’s process begins with adding the political into the material as a symbol.

Raw cotton is burned with pulsing color fields that crescendo into the songs of her ancestors’ road from slavery to freedom.

Rough and prickly fiber glass is whipped into inflated wall sculptures as a representation of the struggles of black Identity during the equal rights movement in America.

Thick layers of acrylic paint are added to a sea of swimming sculptures, exploding open with severe cracks, revealing the underlays of migration and separation.

Free flowing energies that represent air and water become more focused geometric shapes that are rigid and sharp.


For Scott, this is not merely an aesthetic decision. 

The works are about social development: how irregular energies and potentials become channelled into a more productive structure.

These combinations are used to encourage the viewer to engage in a conversation about future social interactions and awareness.