Ashley Scott is an American artist living and working in Berlin. 

The basis of her work is her own development in a social context. 

It ranges from loss and rejection, to identity as a black woman, to the liberation from colonial structures and racist resentments. 

Scott’s work explores the complex history of identity, oppression, and liberation of the African diaspora through her own family history and experiences. 

The basis for the chosen materials such as raw fiber, burnt cotton, various plastics and iron in vibrant colors is the history of slavery and oppression on the one hand, fight, hope and confidence on the other.

Scott studied at the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago and received an art residence in 2011 with TOYOTA.
Through the Toyota Creatives Residence, she travelled across Europe and Asia participating in exhibitions and creating concept cars.
She moved to Berlin in 2014 and since 2016, she is represented by White Square Gallery Berlin.

Her works are featured in the collections of Museum Reinickendorf in Berlin and Centre Never Apart in Montréal, Canada.

Photo Credit: Saenger-Photography